Bad timing of good foods: Don’t eat these at the wrong time!

There is hardly anyone in the world who does not like eating and even for those who are health freaks, there is nothing better than having their favourite health food anytime of the day. However, do you know that there are certain foods that are otherwise considered “healthy”, but can wreak havoc on your system if had at the wrong time? Read on to know more…

1. Curd:

Best time to eat: Daytime, since it helps in digestion

Don’t eat at: Night, since it can lead to mucus formation

2. Rice:

Best time to eat: Lunch – You can use up and burn up all the carbs consumed

Don’t eat at: Night, since it can lead to bloating and weight gain.

3. Apple

Best time to eat: Early morning because it helps in healthy bowel movement and eases constipation.

Don’t eat at: Evening or night since the acid present in apple can cause discomfort and indigestion.

4. Sugar

Best time to eat: Early/mid morning: Helps balance your glucose levels and gives you energy.

Don’t eat: After meals afternoon or night: Makes you put on weight and the heavy feeling makes it harder for you to sleep.

5. Banana

Best time to eat: Noon, they help in digestion and is perfect as a mid morning snack.

Don’t eat at: Night and early morning: Can lead to mucus formation and cold.

6. Pulses

Best time to eat: Night, since they balance your cholesterol and helps you sleep.

Don’t eat: At lunch, can make you sleepy and drowsy.

7. Walnuts

Best time to eat: Evening, improve brain health and concentration.

Don’t eat: Morning and nights – they are not as efficient at these times.

8. Milk

Best time to drink: Night, it helps in making you sleep.

Morning: It can give you acidity and reduce appetite.


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