Woman Continues Drinking Her Beer After Driving SUV Into River

A woman from Pennsylvania, USA escaping from police after driving through a stop sign drove her SUV into the Susquehanna River, and then kept drinking her beer as they tried to get her to exit the floating vehicle, police said.

The York Haven woman, whose name wasn’t made public, became the subject of a police chase Monday when a Northeastern Regional police officer saw her Subaru Outback blowing through a stop sign, according to the York Daily Record. She eluded the officer, but was spotted again by officers on their way to her home.

The Conewago Boat Launch Area, known to locals as “The Point” in York Haven, where a woman drove her SUV into the Susquehanna River to get away from police. (Photo: Ted Czech, York Daily Record/Sunday News)

Officers from multiple departments caught up with her at a boat launch, where they tried to talk to her, the Daily Record said.

For whatever reason, she decides to drive into the river,” Newberry police Chief John Snyder told the newspaper.

The woman’s Outback ended up in the water about 20 feet from the river bank. Officers continued to try to talk to her, but she ignored them.

She stayed in the car and continued to drink her beer,” Newberry Township police Sgt. Keith Farren told the Daily Record.


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