Rihanna and Azealia Banks publicly share each other’s phone numbers

US rapper Azealia Banks and Rihanna are at war.

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It all started when Rihanna posted to social media against Donald Trump’s executive order which many refer to a ban on Muslims.

Banks then shared a number of angry Instagram posts aimed at Rihanna individually, and opponents of Trump’s order.

Things then escalated when Rihanna posted a series of text messages, where the sender accused her of having a sex and drug addiction.

Fans assumed that Rihanna was posting Azealia’s number in retaliation.

However, 212 rapper Banks is never one to back down and so she took to Twitter to share a screenshot of the Work singer’s phone number with her 446,000 followers.

Banks captioned the image “Bombs away!” and posted the number.

Rihanna’s alleged number has since been disconnected, and Banks later deleted the image.

However, a number of posts taking aim at Rihanna are still present on Azelia’s Instagram account.

One video read: “Rihanna plz stop being stupid and read some books.

“I beg you.”


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