Jammeh defies ultimatum as he refuses to step down

The Gambia’s political uncertainty continued on Friday after Yahya Jammeh, who lost the Gambian Presidential elections in December 2016 refused to step down. Jammeh, who was defeated by Adama Barrow refused to hand over power on the scheduled date on Thursday despite the threat of forceful removal by ECOWAS forces.

Adama Barrow who has received the backing of the U.N and ECOWAS was sworn in at the Gambian embassy in Dakar on Thursday but the situation is far from over.

Jammeh’s Vice President and several ministers have resigned as Senegalese and Nigerian forces have been deployed at Gambia’s borders in anticipation of an advance. Sources say the presidents of Guinea and Mauritania remain locked in talks with defeated President Yahya Jammeh.

With the current situation, two deadlines which Jammeh was given have now passed.


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