My Encounter with Pastor A‎deboye Influenced My Life-Adegboruwa


A Human Right Lagos lawyer, Ebun-Olu Adegboruwa has said his first encounter with the General Overseer of the Redeem Christian Church of God worldwide (RCCG), Pastor Enoch Adeboye had tremendous positive influence on him.

He disclosed this in his tribute to the man of God on the page of

In his tribute to Pastor Adeboye he said, “In year 2000, I set up my law firm, in the midst of great financial challenges. I was very confused, until I met my friend, Bamidele Aturu, for counselling. He urged me to follow him to the RCCG Holy Ghost service at the Camp, and right there till now everything has changed for the better in my life”.

Adegboruwa who is also an Assistant Pastor in RCCG maintained that he met personally with Pastor Adeboye in June 2, 2002 when his chambers and library got razed by fire at Lapal House, Lagos.

“I had attended the bible study for that day, where pastor Adeboye took the topic Divine Champions, using the life and times of Samson, as a case study. I was so transformed by that message that I decided to wait to see him.

“In his office, he was just smiling, and patiently listened to my very long story of the disaster of the fire. The way he was smiling, I had to ask him if he heard all that I had narrated. He just responded jokingly, with a question: “I hope your brain is not burnt?”

“He then went to tell me that God has a great plans for me ‎and He has just closed one door to open a greater door! I became convinced that there was a great future for me in the church.

“Pastor Adeboye has been of tremendous positive influence on me, and on so many leaders worldwide. He became General Overseer in 1981 and has taken RCCG to about 192 nations of the world. I and all other members of the church will miss him and his wisdom and counselling but we are glad that he is still around for the monthly Holy Ghost services, he said.

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