Disney releases motion posters for upcoming Beauty and the Beast

Entertainment giants Disney released a collection of motion posters featuring the cast of the upcoming live-action adaptation of Beauty and the Beast.

The series of moving portraits showcased several of the film’s major characters in their costumes while the film’s official Twitter page teased the release of a new upcoming trailer for the film.

See more when our final trailer for Beauty and the Beast debuts on Monday,” the post read.

Emma Watson, who stars as Belle in the film, shared her version of the moving poster featuring her character in her yellow formal dress holding the ominous enchanted rose at the center of the film’s plot.

The frightening Beast, played by Dan Stevens, was also showcased with his animalistic form covered by his regal blue formal wear.

The human form of Emma Thompson‘s, Mrs. Potts, was shown sipping from a teacup while wearing a white dress similar in shape to the talking teapot.

Luke Evans‘ garish villain, Gaston, was showcased turning toward the camera with a sly and confident smile while wearing his trademark red jacket.

His bumbling sidekick, Lefou, portrayed by Josh Gad, quickly flashed a maniacal smile while wearing a brown jacket with a large, pink bow-tie.

Beauty and the Beast is set to release in theaters on March 17 with the most recent trailer presenting Belle’s first encounter with the Beast and the living household items in his castle.


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