My Coach Demanded To Sleep With Me Before I Can Represent Nigeria – Moses


US-based Nigerian weightlifter Gloria Moses says she relocated to the United States late last year after a national coach tried severally to sleep with her before she could be allowed to represent the country.

Moses claimed that after she refused the coach’s sexual overtures, she was framed up for drugs usage and was dropped from national camp in 2013, while preparing for a championship in Malaysia.

“They said I tested positive (for drugs) in 2013. If they didn’t throw me out of camp and tried to frustrate me, I would have been an Olympian today. Why did they do all these? Because Gloria Moses is a stubborn lifter who won’t sleep with her coach,” the athlete, who won three gold at the Rivers 2011 National Sports Festival, said.

“They said I tested positive. But after the dope test I had, a letter should have been sent to my state (Bayelsa) and another to me. But I didn’t get a copy of the result of the dope test and I requested for but nobody gave me any till now. The frustration was too much; that’s why I had to leave for America.

“In Nigeria, the coaches drop better female weightlifters for those that give them what they want. I’m okay with what they made me pass through; it was a challenge and it made me stronger. ”

Moses, an orphan, added that the frustration that came with her expulsion from national camp almost made her commit suicide in Lagos.

The 2009 NSF triple silver medallist added, “I was targeting gold (in Malaysia) in the snatch and jack events because I was in-form but the coach frustrated me, denied me the opportunity. I would have made some money if I won. Thereafter, I couldn’t pay my rent; and there was nobody to help me. If I had parents, they would have fought for me, but I had no one.

“Some male friends who knew my plight came to me and said, ‘let me give you N1,000 and sleep with you.’ I told them to go and die. I was helping some women at Shitta (in Lagos) to sell local herbs. They would give me food and I would hang on a bus to get home. At a time, I almost drank poison, but my fiance held me back. If not for him, I would have been dead by now.”

She said despite her ordeal at the hands of her coach, she would continue to represent Nigeria if given the opportunity.

“I will not change my nationality, I will look for a way and compete again and prove all of them wrong. I love the game and Nigeria is my country. We have bad leaders but it doesn’t mean we have to abandon our country. Someone has to make things happen.

Source: BreakingTimes


  1. Why the same story always??? Who is the nameless coach? Why was he not reported to the Police who would have planned to hold him red-handed in the act with Gloria?

    • It’s high time you all should name those coaches molesting people so every one will be aware bcus if you don’t name them this same thing will keep on happening…

  2. I salute your courage my dear sister . You will surely excel no matter the plan of the devil coach. After achieving your goal which is to represent your country , please summon courage to expose the big for nothing guy

  3. Gloria Moses, I love your courage and resilience and say keep it up. God on your side you will be great and will achieve your heart desires in life.

  4. Dear Gloria, you’re a genus. one in a million. You unique. Your singular demonstration of faith and stand is should be emulated by others who thinks, they’re make head way in life for giving in to such irresponsible and good for nothing improperly scrutinize humans called coaches. who because of their selfish desires has kept this nation back word. Endeavor to mentioned him so that, he could be use to serve as deterrent to others. May God help you to archive your dreams.

  5. This girls case should and must be investigated! She’s been slandered in her efforts to represent her nation, yet some unscrupulous people choses to use her before they give her a chance to represent her loved country!
    I urge the authorities to please do something about it!

  6. Corruption & adultery has become the order of the day in nigeria in so much that they are blinded by it that they no longer think straight. A one minute pleasure..ssmch.

  7. You will be surprised that a times such people die strangly not bcoz somebody killed them,but God does it himself so that those held under their captivity should progress.
    Since they are the ones who ate the souring grapes,may their teeth’s be set on edge IJN.

  8. my dear sister don’t worry for de Lord is on ur side & u shall make it to that top place at de appointed time where no man shall stop u Amen!!!!

  9. Don’t worry my sister, God will bless you. One day you will look for those evil men who are bringing shame to Nigeria and you will not find them.

  10. say their name, not just coming here to say someone want to molest you, with measuring names .. story for the gods

  11. how true is this? am a sports man, a coach in Nigeria cannot go as far as setting you up because of sex. or are you doing this just to gain pity from people? I know you very well and how you behave to people, you are very friendly with a tiny voice in PortHarcourt training hall. so long as you cannot name the person, you are telling lies. and lifters are not too attractive even. and every should know that Nigeria don’t have medical center to do drug test, and cannot go as far as taking your sample to Europe or south Africa to test unless you are going for Olympics or all African games. may God forgive you if you are doing this for a person gain.

    • i believe her 100% because the same thing happened to my baby mama why she was playing basketball here in abuja,she stop playing because of that,so if u think her stories above are not true ,u better learn to comment on serious matters.

    • Sir, I like your courage. From your statement, it shows that you are good person. But mind you sir, there many bad eggs everywhere. we have heard a lot of testimonies how boss abuse the junior once. it happens everywhere. pls try to understand her explanation. Do try to cover for every body. just do that to yourself. thanks

  12. i believe her 100% because the same thing happened to my baby mama why she was playing basketball here in abuja,she stop playing because of that,so if u think her stories above are not true ,u better learn to comment on serious matters.

  13. Moses I love your guts, that’s what this people do that’s how we keep loosing great talents. But I suggest u expose the person by publishing his name.


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