Checkout Ik Ogbonna’s Sweet Message to his Wife on her Birthday

Nollywood actor, IK Ogbonna is celebrating his wife, Sonia as she adds another year today, Jan. 19.

IK Ogbonna

The handsome actor took to Instagram to write a sweet message to her.

Talking to the mother of his son, he spoke highly of her and how things have gotten better in his life as a result of Sonia’s presence.

IK Ogbonna

He wrote;

I asked for a princess and God gave me a queen, a woman with the most beautiful soul, a heart of gold, a smile that makes the sun blush, words that create stars in my heart. You have held me through rough times and good times, you have encouraged me in times when I felt like giving up. The truth is I don’t only celebrate today Coz it’s ur birthday but it marked the beginning of the rest of my life. Since I met you I have only experienced growth, blessings, favor, magical grace, and peace. Thank you for bringing our son into this world, thank you for embracing my culture, family, and friends. I cherish you my bebolinna and if I was to die and come back to this life .. I will still choose you over and over again. I am sorry for times I failed u but I promise I will live my life making you happy and doing all I can to keep a deserving smile on ur face. Thanks for always believing in me baby. Can I just marry you everyday 😘😘😘😘

Happy birthday to my darling wife.


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