Celebrities attack Donald Trump over executive ban on Muslims

Celebrities in America are speaking out to slam President Donald Trump for signing an executive order that is now being referred to as the “Muslim ban.”

The new order temporarily bans any refugee from entering the United States, and temporarily stops anyone from several Muslim countries from entering the country.
Read what they are tweeting below.


  1. i think he’s doing the right thing because Muslim peoples here in Nigeria want to kill all Christians and our president Buhari is supporting them so let them be bound from entering US not only that let them be bound from living

  2. i don support d ban of muslim….the whole world is a mess cause of Muslim can think of a Muslim country with absolute Peace…. Isis…is dat d abbreviation of Christianity?…..if Muslim are good then there country would be better….why seek refuge in d first place….. ashamed of most Muslim countries….I personally do not think Abraham Lincoln is Muslim…. dis are fore runner’s of dis country… on d issue of terrorism…. do Christian do terrorize country with non human explosive….. let d man run this country…

  3. As far as am concerned, Wayward America holds no attraction for me and neither would I advice good Muslim to go to America and have his faith and the practise of same ridiculed, oppressed or threatened by a people so ungodly that their President would openly declare a ban on certain category of people from going to the US simply because the are Muslims. THEY LIKE TO EXTINGUISH THE LIGHT (AL-ISLAM) OF ALLAH WITH THEIR MOUTHS, BUT ALLAH WILL PERFECT HIS LIGHT (AL-ISLAM) EVEN IF THE DISBELIEVERS DISLIKE IT. The Grand Qur’an 61:8.


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