Arsenal’s Alexis Sanchez Admits to Tax Fraud While in Spain

Arsenal forward Alexis Sanchez has admitted to tax fraud in Spain totalling almost €1m, committed in 2012 and 2013 while he was playing for Barcelona in La Liga.

Barcelona v Santos - Pre Season Friendly

Appearing via video link in the Barcelona court, Sport report that the Gunners star gave his admission in a statement which took no more than a couple of minutes, confessing to two ‘crimes against the Treasury’ to the tune of €983,443.

With the Chilean already having repaid the money, the matter is unlikely to go to trial, with an agreement being reached for a fine to be paid on top of the money already returned to the treasury.

Alexis Sanchez is Not Fully Ready for Tottenham Hotspur Game, Says Arsene Wenger. Image: Getty.

The fine will be agreed by the player’s defence team and the treasury; as will any possible prison sentence, with Spanish laws meaning that short prison sentences are likely to be suspended.



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