Pictures From Zahra Buhari And Ahmed Indimi’s Kamu Ceremony

In ancient Hausa\Fulani tradition, Kamu is one of the first traditions which must be observed before the wedding itself begins.

Literally translating to “catch”, Kamu is a ceremony where the bride is formally introduced to her in-laws and groom’s family seek permission to see the bride. It involves a little playful haggling from the bridal party who demand the groom’s family to pay some form of money in order to be allowed to see the bride.

The bride is covered with a veil so to make it a little difficult for the groom’s family to locate her. The bridesmaids may even be mischevious enough to put the bride in the midst of other “fake” brides so as to confuse the groom’s family. After the agreed upon token has been paid, the groom’s family is allowed to uncover the bride’s face and she is then sprayed with perfume; therefore

Only after the token is paid is the groom’s family is allowed to uncover the bride’s face and spray her with perfume; symbolizing her as their son’s intended.

Check out the pictures from Zahra Buhari’s Kamu ceremony with Ahmed Indimi

kamu-1 kamu-2 kamu-3 kamu ceremony ahmed indimi's kamu ceremony



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