Kim Kardashian Is Back And She’s Walking In The New Year With A Face Jewellery

Kim K is shouting “New year, new me!” with her face jewelry. Well, to some people, it is the perfect skin accessory to let the world know you’re ready to grab the upcoming year by the surgical steel balls. And Of course, Kim Kardashian knows this.

Last night, Kim debuted her new lip ring in a series of Snapchats posted by Khloé Kardashian at Kris Jenner’s annual Kris-tmas Eve party, And while the lip ring alone is certainly the headline-worthy news we were all craving this Christmas, it’s an even bigger deal Kim Kardashian made a Snapchat appearance. Because she had been on a ghost mode since the robbery that happened to now.

And now, Kim K is back! And yes, with a lip ring.


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