Italian Hospital Replaces Girl’s Spleen With Kidney

A breakthrough in the line of medicine occurred on Wednesday after a six-year-old girl had her spleen replaced with a kidney at an Italian hospital.

The surgery happened in Turin’s Molinette Hospital where the revolutionary technique was used on the girl who has been in dialysis since birth because of a rare irregularity in the development of her kidney.

Molinette Hospital kidney spleen

The anomaly is said to be associated with a malformation of blood vessels which prevented her from drinking and urinating.

Doctors said the removal of her spleen enabled a kidney to be implanted on the splenetic tissue.

In order to create the necessary space for the new kidney, a revolutionary and innovative technique was applied, with the removal of the spleen,” the hospital said.

The girl is doing very well, she resumed urinating immediately and can finally drink after six years,” it added.

Molinette Hospital is one of Italy’s top centres of research.


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