Hijackers Of Libyan Airplane Arrested Peacefully

Two unidentified Libyan men who hijacked an airplane with 118 people on board on Friday morning and diverted the plane to Malta have been arrested peacefully by police. Malta’s Prime minister, Joseph Muscat said the men released all the passengers without making any demands.

“They were asked to surrender any weapons in their possession. They were found to be in possession of a hand grenade and a pistol. Nevertheless the armed forces of Malta are currently conducting a full search of the aircraft and a second pistol has been found so far. The search is ongoing.

 The two hijackers have been detained in custody and interrogations are ongoing.
          The rest of the crew ad passengers are also being questioned to ascertain events.”

The aircraft was enroute from the oasis city of Sebha to the capital, Trip, a trip which usually takes just over two hours.

More details soon.