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Health Reasons To Reduce Sugar Consumption



Sugar as the name implies and from our understanding gives a sweet taste in whatever it is added to. Majority of our food contains sugar. The ‘junk’ we eat contains lots of processed sugar which is harmful to our health.

The soft drinks, alcohol and snacks we consume is packed or contains high refined sugar level. I will recommend you use honey and consume less of those high sugar content. Below are the health hazard of consuming refined sugar:

–              It helps the uncontrolled development of Candida Albicans (yeast diseases).

–              It can unfavorably influence youngsters’ evaluations in school.

–              It can be a hazard consider for gallbladder growth.

–              It can inebriate, like liquor.

–              It can bring about introverted conduct in adolescent delinquents.

–              It can bring about a ruptured appendix.

–              It can bring about joint inflammation.

–              It can bring about asthma.

–              It can bring about mind rot in pre-diabetic and diabetic ladies.

–              It can bring about tumor of the rectum.

–              It can bring about cardiovascular illness.

–              It can bring about waterfalls.

–              It can bring about sorrow.

–              It can bring about dyspepsia (acid reflux).

–              It can bring about endometrial malignancy.

–              It can bring about epileptic seizures.

–              It can bring about exhaustion, ill humor, apprehension, and dejection.

–              It can bring about gallstones.

–              It can bring about gastric or duodenal ulcers.

–              It can bring about cerebral pains, including headaches.

–              It can bring about coronary illness.

–              It can bring about hyperactivity, tension, powerlessness to move and irritability in


–              It can bring about hypoglycemia.

–              It can bring about adolescent wrongdoing in kids.

–              It can bring about learning issue in school youngsters.

–              It can bring about liver tumors.

–              It can bring about metabolic disorder.

–              It can bring about astigmatism (partial blindness).

–              It can bring about platelet adhesiveness, which causes blood clusters.

–              It can bring about untimely maturing.

–              It can bring about renal (kidney) cell malignancy.

–              It can bring about tooth rot.

–              It can bring about toxemia amid pregnancy.

–              It can make ladies bring forth coddles with low birth weight.

–              It can add to Alzheimer’s illness.

–              It can add to diabetes.

–              It can add to mellow memory misfortune.

–              It can slice off oxygen to the cerebrum when given to individuals intravenously.

–              It can harm the pancreas.

–              It can diminish passionate security.

–              It can diminish testosterone generation.

–              It can diminish the measure of development hormones in the body.

–              It can hoist glucose and insulin reactions and return them to fasting levels slower in oral

prophylactic clients.

–              It can expand cholesterol.

–              It can expand kidney size and deliver obsessive changes in the kidney.

–              It can increment systolic circulatory strain (weight when the heart is contracting).

–              It can build the measure of sustenance that you eat.

–              It can build the measure of liver fat.

–              It can build the body’s liquid maintenance.

–              It can build the danger of stomach growth.

–              It can build the span of the liver by making the liver cells isolate.

–              It can prompt cell passing.

–              It can prompt to liquor abuse.

–              It can prompt to an acidic stomach related tract.

–              It can prompt to a considerable lessening the in the length of pregnancy among youths.

–              It can prompt to biliary tract growth.

–              It can prompt to skin inflammation in youngsters.

–              It can prompt to weight.

–              It can prompt to ovarian growth.

–              It can prompt to prostate growth.

–              It can prompt to the arrangement of kidney stones.

–              It can bring down the measure of Vitamin E in the blood.

–              It can make numerous basic supplements less accessible to cells.

–              It can make the skin wrinkle by changing the structure of collagen.

–              It can create a noteworthy ascent in triglycerides.

–              It can destroy the sexual coexistence of both men and ladies by killing the quality that

controls the sex hormones.

–              It can moderate the capacity of the adrenal organs to work.

–              It can stifle your insusceptible framework.

–              It causes stoppage.

–              It causes sustenance sensitivities.

–              It causes irritation.

–              It joins with and demolishes phosphatase, a stomach related protein, which makes

processing more troublesome.

–              It adds to spit corrosiveness.

–              It gets dried out infants.

–              It hinders spatial memory.

–              It increments neural tube deserts in incipient organisms when it is devoured by pregnant


–              It builds the odds of getting peevish bowl disorder.

–              It expands the grouping of bile acids in stool and bacterial chemicals in the colon, which can alter bile to create disease bringing on mixes and colon growth.

–              It expands the danger of gastric tumor.

–              It expands the danger of polio.

–              It expands the danger of pregnant young people conveying a little for-gestational-age (SGA)                 new-born child.

–              It admission is connected with the improvement of Parkinson’s ailment.

–              It meddles with the body’s ingestion of calcium and magnesium.

–              It is an addictive substance.

–              It is a hazard figure for lung tumor.

–              It is a hazard calculate small digestive tract growth.

–              It is connected with a more awful result of schizophrenia. It builds the danger of bosom


–              It is the main foe of the solid discharge.

–              It advances inordinate nourishment allow in hefty individuals.

–              It decreases learning limit.

–              It decreases the body’s capacity to safeguard against bacterial contamination.

–              It moderates nourishment’s travel time through the gastrointestinal tract.

–              It irritates the mineral connections in the body.

–              It water, when given to kids soon after birth, brings about those kids inclining toward It

water to customary water all through youth.


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Health and Food

Avoid These Nigerians Food To Burn Stubborn Belly Fat (Video)



Being overweight or obese can be detrimental to your health. It is not advisable to have excess fat in the abdominal cavity because it can lead to some health issues. Getting your dream body will not be easy and you need to make some sacrifices to your diet. You will also need to turn a blind eye to some fatty foods.

If you’re ready to get rid of the belly fat, then stay put as Information Nigeria brings you some important tips that will help.

1. Avoid sugar and carbonated drinks

Did you know that consuming sugary substances like coke, fanta can lead to weight gain and a number of health problems like high blood pressure?. This is due to the high fructose content found in added sugars. Taking sugar-filled drinks may slow your metabolism and this in turn can make it harder for your body to burn fat. Fructose can only be metabolized by your liver. When you consume too much, you push your liver to its limit and it becomes overloaded, then it turns the fructose into fat and it ends up getting stored in your belly. To avoid putting yourself from risk, you should cut back on foods and drinks that contain huge amounts of sugar.


2. You also have to forgo junk foods like meat pie, cakes, rolls, candies, burgers, ice cream and cookies. You also need to do away with heavy foods like eba, akpu, pounded yam, rice among others. Switch up your eating habits and opt for a more balanced-diet if you want to burn your belly fat. Avoid consuming refined carbs like bread, pizza, potation chips etc. You should also stay away from processed and heavy foods because they contribute to stubborn belly fat. You should choose to eat proteinous foods like fish, eggs, and milk. starch contains fat, sugar and salt. They help a person feel fuller so you don’t end up looking for something to munch on after eating. It basically keeps hunger at bay.

3. Eat the right amount of fruits, vegetables, fibrous foods and whole grains – You can add vegetables, fruits and whole grains to your weight loss diet. They provide essential vitamins, minerals, fiber and other substances that are good for your body. Examples of fibre rich foods include; beans, broccoli, avocados, apples, oatmeal brown rice and whole grain bread.

4. Try to incorporate exercise into your daily or weekly routine – Exercise helps to speed up your metabolism and helps you shed weight. The bitter truth is that wearing just waist trainers and staying put in one position will not make you lose that stubborn belly fat. You should hit the gym.

5 Reduce alcohol intake – Excess intake of alcohol also leads to a host of health problems especially the build-up of fat in the belly area. Have you ever noticed that those who drink alcohol, especially men, often develop ‘pot-bellies’. Alcoholic drinks like beer provide your body with calories and very little nutrients. It can also increase your appetite. Replace the alcoholic drinks with water or alternate with low calorie, non-alcoholic beverages. Too much alcohol can cause liver damage and other serious health problems.

6. Try out apple cider vinegar – Apple cider vinegar is made in a two-step fermentation process. It is obtained from apples that have been crushed, distilled and fermented. Acetic acid is the main active component of apple cider vinegar. It is safe for consumption in small quantities and can be taken as a supplement. Do not also consume it straight from the bottle or in its pure form. Add 1 to 2 tablespoons to water before you drink. You can also add honey or lemon. It is best to drink it before your meals. Research shows it has many health benefits, such as lowering blood sugar levels.

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Health and Food

Governor Bello Recovers From COVID-19 — After One Week In Isolation



Governor Bello Recovers From COVID-19 — After One Week In Isolation

Governor Abubakar Bello

Niger State Governor, Abubakar Bello, has tested negative for Coronavirus following the repeat of tests for the virus.

The development was disclosed in a statement released by his Chief Press Secretary, Mrs. Mary Noel-Berje, in Minna on Monday.

Also Read: COVID-19: FG Seeks $750m Loan From World Bank

Gov. Bello had on Nov. 9, disclosed that he tested positive for COVID-19 on his Twitter account and thereafter went into isolation.

Noel-Berje in the statement noted that the Governor has been declared free of the virus and can now resume back to his official duties.

Bello joins the list of governors who have been infected with the coronavirus.

Other governors who have recovered from COVID-19 include Bala Mohammed of Bauchi, Seyi Makinde of Oyo, Okezie Ikpeazu of Abia, Nasir el-Rufai of Kaduna, Kayode Fayemi of Ekiti, and Ifeanyi Okowa of Delta.

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Health and Food

Here Is A List Of Nigerian Foods That Cause Miscarriage



Here Is A Of Nigerian Foods That Cause Miscarriage

Pregnant women should avoid some common Nigerian foods that can cause miscarriage. These foods are beneficial to human beings, but they should not be eaten during – especially in the first three months – pregnancy because of some of their properties that can cause miscarriage.

  • Crabs

Although Crabs are not poisonous, they shrink the uterus which could cause bleeding from the genitals and an eventual miscarriage.

  •  Pineapple

This is not for pregnant women in their first trimester. This is because pineapple can cause contractions at such an early stage and this may finally lead to a miscarriage. The popular fruit also contains bromelain which works in softening the cervix. It also causes bleeding.

  • Pawpaw

This is another popular fruit that can cause a miscarriage in the first trimester of pregnancy. The pawpaw seeds have enzymes that cause contractions which ultimately leads to a miscarriage.

  • Uncooked eggs

This can also cause a miscarriage. As a pregnant woman, you should avoid eating uncooked eggs or mayonnaise which contains uncooked eggs in your first trimester. If you must eat eggs, make sure they are properly cooked with the egg yolk very solid before eating.

  • Garlic

This is another food that can cause a miscarriage. Eating garlic will result in a stimulation of the uterus which may lead to contractions and pre-term labor that causes miscarriage.



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