89-Year-Old Man Ends Up In Another State After Getting Lost On Trip To Store

An 89-year-old man in Philadelphia, USA, whose weekend trip to a store in his neighbourhood somehow led him to another state — Alabama, 900-miles away — is safely back with his family, thanks to breakfasting police officers who realised something wasn’t right.

On Thursday, Ken Sunseri, Mayor of Haleyville in Alabama, said that 89-year-old Jody Tarbutton, of Boothwyn, Pennsylvania, approached the officers at a restaurant on Monday and asked them where he was.

They said, ‘You’re in Alabama, Haleyville, Alabama,'” Sunseri said. “And it sort of stunned him.”

The officers took him to the police station and ran his driver’s license, discovering that he had been missing for two days. They contacted authorities, notified his family and got him medical attention.

Jody Tarbutton spent two days traveling from Boothwyn, PA to Hayleyville, Alabama

We never, never, never expected to hear the news that he was in Alabama,” his daughter Cindy Gatta said by phone Thursday night. She had contacted police in Pennsylvania and posted a plea on Facebook on Sunday in an attempt to locate her father.

Gatta flew down to Alabama from Delaware and reunited with her father at a hospital, where he was treated for high blood pressure and dehydration. She said he has never been clinically diagnosed with dementia and attributed his unexpected road trip to old age and forgetfulness.

Scary roadtrip: Gatta asked her dad if he was going to stay home now and he assured her he would

It’s just been amazing that it all turned out so well,” Gatta said.

Officials aren’t sure what route Tarbutton took, but he would have almost certainly been driving through severe weather, Sunseri said. Police found a child-size drink and two hamburgers inside Tarbutton’s pickup truck.

People in Haleyville helped Tarbutton’s children get from the airport in Birmingham to the hospital, and are now working with the family to have Tarbutton’s truck shipped back to his home.

Sunseri said he was “extremely proud” of the response by the officers and wider community.

They were a tremendous help to the family,” the mayor said.

Tarbutton’s daughter said she too is grateful to the officers and others, and is calling her father’s safe return “a Christmas miracle.”


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