VIDEO: Bloody Fight Ensues After Penguin Comes Home To Find ‘Wife With Another Man’

A video which shows two penguins in a bloody brawl after one came home to find his wife with another male has gone viral on the internet.


The video was tweeted by the National Geographic channel and it shows a penguin returning to his burrow at a breeding site, only to find his mate shacked up with another male. To his anger, he drags his competitor out for a brawl.

To add humour to the event, the narrator providing live commentary on the brawl, termed the male the ‘husband’, the female as the ‘wife’ and the third as the ‘homewrecker’.

However, the story didn’t end well for ‘husband’.

Watch the video Nat Geo tweeted with the line, “A fight breaks out when a husband comes home and finds his wife with another penguin.”:


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