Uber Nigeria Finally Has Some Competition!

This is not a sales pitch guys and I promise no one paid me for it!

Remember my piece on how Uber Nigeria has been really slacking and they probably needed some swift competition to allow them sit up? If you don’t, just read it here.

Like most Nigerian companies, Uber’s near monopoly of the taxi hailing service industry created complacency and room for serious competitors and don’t we just love competition! A new kid is on the block and they call themselves ‘Taxify’.

I only learned about Taxify through my Twitter timeline so I decided to give it a shot at washing away all my bad memories of Uber. It’s a pretty straightforward service and the driver was at my place in about 15 minutes.

He readily admitted that he didn’t know where I was going (do these guys ever know anywhere?) but he made up for it with his sheer warmth. To give you a fair idea of the distance, I took the taxi from Ago Palace way all the way to the Navy Barracks just a little after Festac.

Then I spent about 30 minutes keeping the taxi waiting and add that dreadful Friday night traffic on my way there and back. After almost an hour and thirty minutes, I had racked up just N4,000 in taxi bills, not bad considering how long the journey was.

Here’s what’s more interesting, the driver informed me that with Taxify, the drivers keep 85% of the revenue which seems like a pretty neat arrangement. It’s early days yet but has Uber finally met their match?


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