‘Spiderman’ Takes Down Shoplifter Outside Mall

A street performer dressed as Spiderman came to the rescue when he managed to take down a suspected shoplifter as shocked passers-by watched in awe.

Mark Zilio also known as ‘Peter Parkour’ tried his hand at real-life crime fighting when he restrained the fleeing suspect.

Zilio was working outside the store as the woman made a run for it. He managed to tackle the woman to the ground after she slipped past security guards while fleeing a fancy dress shop in Toronto, Canada.

She had allegedly ripped a mask off an expensive costume, and ran when security guards tried to stop her.

A video captured Oct. 31 and posted to YouTube shows the costumed Spiderman holding on to the suspect outside the store until two security guards could reach her.

“She was very squirmy,” Zilio told CTV Toronto.

Mark Zilio, the real life Spiderman
Mark Zilio

Zilio said he has no plans to quit costumed performing in favour of the super hero business.

I never want to become involved in these things. I don’t want to lose my busking license,” he said. “I’m not trained to handle someone while they’re hostile or needing to be held down.”

The store manager Sanjoy Kandu had nothing but much praise for the hero.

It’s a great thing,” Kandu said. “Peter Parkour helping out a security guard at that moment? It was great.”

Zilio was humble about his brief stint as a real superhero.

Typical day in the life of Spiderman,” he joked before adding, “With great power comes great responsibility.”



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