South African Pastor Sprays Insecticide On Members To ‘Heal’ Them

A 24-year old South African Pastor, Prophet Lethebo Rabalago is now using insecticide, petrol and fire to heal members of his church. Rabalago, who is a pastor at Mount Zion General Assembly (MZGA) explained methods; “We are glorifying God. We want God to be seen. We are saying with God anything is possible.”


“It’s not a matter of inspiration. When one is inspired you are copying. It’s not a matter of inspiration. No one inspired me. I just believe in God for anything. We can use anything that you believe to heal people.

“In the book of Genesis, the spirit of God was hovering over the water. [Therefore] everything here on Earth belongs to God. Petrol belongs to God. Doom belongs to God.

“Some people came with injuries but we sprayed them and they were healed.”

Prophet Rabalago has invited critics to his church to subject themselves to his curious brand of healing. The church has also put up several testimonies of people who were healed after the insecticide was sprayed on them.



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