Senate Passes Nigerian Peace Corps Bill

The Senate on Thursday passed the Nigerian Peace Corps Bill into law.

senate peace corps bill

The new law gives approval for the establishment of the Nigerian Peace Corps as an agency under the Ministry of Interior.

The Chairman of the Committee on Interior, Senator Bayero Nafada, while presenting the report, urged the Senate to support the passage of the Bill.

He noted that the establishment of the organisation would empower, develop and provide employment for the youths, facilitate Peace and Volunteerism as well as Community Services, Neighbourhood Watch and Nation-building.

He said: “The organisation will be of great benefit to the Nigerian youths”.

In response to increasing complexity of the factors responsible for insecurity and the method by which peace and security is being undermined in Nigeria, there is need to develop comprehensive, multi-sectoral, multi stakeholders and inclusive approaches in order to stem these threats,” he added.

The Committee on Interior is also recommending that the Nigerian Peace Corps and the National Unity and Peace Corps should be merged as one, since both formations appear the same.


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