Here’s How Trump Will Dismantle Obama’s Legacy

The Republicans have tried everything to block and repel progress made under President Obama’s legislation. So here’s where Trump is likely to tear away at Obama’s legacy. NBC BLCK has the story:

As President Obama prepares to sit down with his successor, Donald Trump, in a White House meeting on Thursday that seemed improbable even a few weeks ago, an important question looms.

Will the real estate mogul, once in office, seek to dismantle completely the achievements of the first black president?

Trump ran a campaign premised on the idea that Obama is an ineffective president, while the incumbent appeared at events all over the country to plead with voters not to elect Trump.

Now, Obama’s team is not exactly sure what will happen to its work over the past eight years.

“There are a lot of questions that are, of course, raised about what impact the outcome of the election will have on the policies that this administration has prioritized over the last eight years,” Obama spokesman Josh Earnest said on Wednesday. “And I think it’s going to be a difficult — again, less than 12 hours after the outcome of the election is known— it’s difficult to offer a lot of precision in answering those questions today.”

Here’s a closer look at what Obama has done and how Trump might seek to reverse it:


Republicans will have the majority in the House and Senate, as well as the presidency. The most powerful tool for Democrats to stop the GOP will be the filibuster, since Republicans don’t have 60 seats in the Senate.

But the filibuster could be a limited impediment.

In 2010, Democrats used a Senate procedure known as reconciliation to pass some key changes to Obamacare and a reform to the nation’s system for college student loans. Bills adopted through reconciliation need only 51 votes, not 60.

Now, Republicans could follow that example. With a narrow Senate majority, the GOP could radically overhaul Obama’s signature health care law.



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