Now that the 2016 elections are over many are speculating about how a new administration will operate. President-elect Donald Trump has reportedly released a plan with emphasis on three main points: curbing political corruption in Washington, increasing worker protections and stricter enforcement of the rule of law.

Trump reportedly outlined some of the policies he says will clean up Washington.

As for his plans for Mexicans, Muslims or Blacks? On the campaign trail the candidate seemingly had a lot to say about his plans specifically for Mexicans who were undocumented, Muslims in general and it didn’t take a rocket-scientist to know his feelings about Blacks and Black People’s feelings about him.

For Mexicans, reports say he initially talked about walls and deportation. For Muslims reports say he talked about travel bans, immigration bans and the monitoringof Muslim Americans. As for black people, he likely doesn’t see them as legitimate Americans.

Seeing that this candidate saw the country’s first Black President as a foreigner who needed to present his birth papers, chances are, anyone who doesn’t match his skin tone might be considered a foreigner. For a lot Americans, this is their worst nightmare come true.
He reportedly proposes a Constitutional amendment to impose term limits on Congress; a federal hiring freeze; cut backs to federal regulations; a five year ban on former Congressional staffers becoming lobbyists; a lifetime ban on former White House officials lobbying for foreign governments; a ban on foreign lobbyistsraising money for American elections

Trump’s purported plan to protect American workers has several key points. They include the renegotiation of the NAFTA trade agreement; withdrawal from the TPP trade agreement; renouncing China as a currencymanipulator; reviewing all other trade deals with the Commerce Secretary; significantly reduce industrial regulations; and defund existing climate change programs.

The third leg of Trump’s proposed plan begins with rescinding all current presidential executive actions. Additionally he announced plans to select a newSupreme Court Justice to fill the vacant seat; defund Sanctuary Cities; begin deporting undocumented immigrants; suspend immigration from regions deemed terror-prone by the Trump administration.

Trump highlighted many aspects of this plan during a campaign stop in Pennsylvania.

Source: Farraygray


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