Disgraced Edo Traditional Ruler Apologizes For Assaulting Woman


A traditional ruler suspended last week in Edo State for allegedly assaulting a woman and traveling abroad without permission has apologized to the state government.

The Ujoromi of Uromi, Zaiki Edenojie II, was suspended for seven days by the state government through a query, and ordered to tender a public apology to the woman he physically attacked, Betty Okoebor.

In a letter of apology to the state government on October 28, Mr. Edenojie said he had resolved the “altercation” with Ms. Okoebor.

“Following the announcement of my suspension for 7 days from the throne of the Onojie of Uromi and the accompanying ultimatum, I wish to state that at no time did I intend to disrespect or (flout) constituted authority,” he said in the letter.

The traditional ruler said that “the altercation on 28th September 2016 between me and one of (my) daughters” was “a family affair and has been resolved”.

“Ms. Betty Okoebor has since followed the custom and reconciled herself to the throne as a daughter,” Mr. Edenojie stated.

“I sincerely apologize to the State Government for not replying the query within the stipulated time and for not obtaining permission before I traveled outside the country and also for the resolved altercation between me and my daughter, Ms. Betty Okoebor.

“Let me reiterate, Your Excellency, that I recognize and respect the authority of the Edo State Government with you, Comrade Adams Aliyu Oshiomhole, as the Executive Governor, and I again pledge my unalloyed loyalty,” he said.

The state government had suspended the traditional ruler for seven days, through a letter of October 26 signed by Secretary to the State Government, Julius Ihonvbere.

The government in the letter stated that its decision was based on the traditional ruler’s “unprovoked attack, inflicting grievous bodily harm on one Mrs. Betty Okoebor on September 28, in full public glare to the embarrassment of those present, and causing disgrace to your otherwise esteemed office”.

The letter also stated that Mr. Edenojie had refused “even after two weeks, to respond to a query issued by the appropriate authority within the stipulated 72 hours, demonstrating total disregard and disrespect for constituted authority; and traveling outside the country without appropriate permission in further demonstration of your disregard for extant regulations and laws.”

Following the reconciliation, the alleged victim of the attack, Ms. Okoebor, knelt and apologized to the traditional ruler.


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