What Is Your Best Memory From NYSC?

Every year, thousands of young Nigerians are flung to all the nooks and corners of the country to fulfill their one-year obligatory service to the Nation. Most graduates eagerly look forward to it, thanks to tales of ex-corp members and the sheer joy of crossing into yet another phase in life.

Besides the three-week orientation camp, the most nerve-wracking aspect of NYSC is the posting and its attendant suspense. The release of the posting schedules for corpers largely determines how the year will go and even though nothing is guaranteed, a good number of people hope and pray (or pay) for Lagos, Ibadan, Rivers and even Abuja.

As far as most people are concerned, these are some of the more urban cities in Nigeria, no one wants to take their chances in faraway Kebbi or Zamfara. No matter who you know or how much you pay, your heart is likely to remain in your mouth until you actually check where you’re posted to.

This writer was promised Lagos but ended up in Zamfara but can only be thankful that he didn’t pay for the promises posting. NYSC provides a year of brilliant memories regardless of where you served; some people find love, some find dust and wind in the North and some discover the joy of Amala in Ibadan.

So, share with us, what are your best memories from NYSC?


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