Amnesty International Releases Video Evidence Of Soldiers Shooting Biafran Protesters

A recent report by Amnesty International has shed light on a disturbing extra-judicial killing by men of the Nigerian Army as well as the Nigerian Police Force. As many as 150 Biafran protesters were killed by soldiers despite the fact that their protests were peaceful.

“Analysis of 87 videos, 122 photographs and 146 eye witness testimonies relating to demonstrations and other gatherings between August 2015 and August 2016 consistently shows that the military fired live ammunition with little or no warning to disperse crowds. It also finds evidence of mass extrajudicial executions by security forces, including at least 60 people shot dead in the space of two days in connection with events to mark Biafra Remembrance Day.”

This reckless and trigger-happy approach to crowd control has caused at least 150 deaths and we fear the actual total might be far higher



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