Adelaide Cricket Test Match Sells Out After Fans Think It Is An Adele Concert

Overexcited fans of British singer Adele mistakenly purchased all available tickets for a cricket game – the Adelaide Test match with South Africa.

Cricket Australia (CA), after losing the first two matches of the series, predicted a poor turnout to the dead-rubber Test match, however got surprised after confused fans tried to purchase tickets to an Adele concert.

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It is easy to point out what caused the mistake, as both Adele and Adelaide share the occurrence of the same letters.

CA urged people who have mistakenly purchased tickets to the cricket to hold on to them.

We understand that you where expecting an emotion-filled performance,” a CA spokesman said.

But you can expect just as many tears from watching our top-order collapse than you will watching the best rendition of ‘Hello’.

And it’ll last a bit longer than the two hours Adele’s voice can hold out for.

CA also said that if the test match doesn’t last the full five days, CA officials will provide entertainment for the sold-out crowd.

We’ve worded up Adelaide music stalwarts The Superjesus and The Hilltop Hoods just in case,” a CA official told GFP.

We understand, like most things in Adelaide, that it sounds a bit sh*t.

But it can’t be any sh*tter than our performances in Perth or Hobart, or even an actual Adele concert.


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