5 Signs Someone is Crushing on You

Do you wish to know if someone secretly admires you? Or are you suspicious that someone might be crushing on you? Here are some tips on how to know if a person is crushing on you:

1. They rush at every available chance to help you out when you are in a bad position. Most people don’t take their time out or go out of their way to be nice to people, help them with assignments, go on errands for them, pay for their coffee or do them a favor. A typical character of a crush, is that caring attitude, always concerned about what you do and wants you to be happy, because if you’re happy with their assistance you’ll get to like them more.

2. They are proud of you and overrate you most at times, they focus on your strengths and glorify your weakness. They are always telling people about you, how handsome you are, how sexy, how hardworking e.t.c to get people to see you in the same light, they can take it very personal if someone doesn’t share their point of view.

3. Someone is crushing on you when they pay absolute attention to what they’re saying even if it’s not interesting. Their eyes are dreamy and they stare hard at you, they even laugh at your jokes, whether your jokes are funny or not, they just have to laugh, because they find you so awesome.

4. They want to spend time with you as much as possible, have you noticed any friend of the opposite sex or anyone at all, who’s always trying to be close to you? They want to pay you a visit, want to do assignments with you or hang out with you, or you happen  to find them at the same party ‘coincidentally’? this could be a sign.

5. If a person acts awkwardly around you, do they become ‘dumb’, jittery or shy when you speak to them, do they avoid eye contact? Do they blush? Any sign of nervousness could mean he or she likes you.

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