40-Year Old Painter Caught Raping Two Year Old Girl

A 40-year old painter who has now been identified as Yisa Aweda was caught in the act while raping a two-year-old girl in the Orile area of Lagos state. Yisa was caught in the act by the infant’s father who stabbed him with a broken bottle before reporting the case to the police.

The coordinator of the Lagos State Domestic Violence Response Unit issued a statement on Friday confirming the incident and the arrest of the victim’s father.

“On Nov. 16, the victim’s mother found Yisa Aweda having sexual intercourse with her daughter in her living room and immediately shouted for help.

“This attracted other neighbors and her husband who came in and in anger took a broken bottle to cause serious injury on the perpetrator.

“The matter was immediately reported to Orile Police station, while the perpetrator was taken to the hospital for medical attention.

“The father of the girl was also arrested and detained.

“On November 14, Mirabel Centre carried out a test on the victim, which confirmed a penetration but the result has been sent to the Police Station for proper prosecution.

“The matter was reported to the office of DSVRT on Nov.15. We visited the Police station to know the steps taken by the Police and we also visited the perpetrator in the hospital.”

Adeniyi also disclosed that the perpetrator will be charged to court.


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