Short Horror Story; The ‘Bola Tinubu Loyalty Walk’

Nigerian politicians and shamelessness have always had the closest relationships and they are never shy about dragging poor Nigerians into it.

In my routine journey around cyberspace triggered by my unending boredom, I happened on the ‘Bola Tinubu Loyalty Walk. THE BOLA TINUBU LOYALTY WALK


There really isn’t any low won’t stoop to as a nation. APC Chieftain, Asiwaju Bola Ahmed Tinubu had that famous fallout with the Party’s National Secretary, Chief John Oyegun.

It’s one of those usual Nigerian political shenanigans which are more about power than the ordinary people so…



We’re not sure what to make of it or if the people behind the walk should be tied and flogged till they return to their senses so we’ll let you be the judge.


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