Aisha Buhari kicks off 2019 presidential bid + more on The Slab with Isime

Chuks, Tolu, Emeka, and Dami join The Slab with Isime to talk about Aisha Buhari’s chances for President in 2019, Femi Otedola’s sinking Forbes rating, and the need for President Buhari to reshuffle his cabinet.

Following the First Lady’s BBC interview where she bared her soul, The Slab crew checks to see if she’s good enough to be on the ballot in 2019. Emeka completely disagrees saying: “First of all, the idea of Aisha Buhari running for president is completely, utterly ridiculous…! She does not command loyalty, neither does she command likability. She does not inspire confidence in other women.”

Aisha Buhari

But Chuks totally wants the First Lady in contention: “You have Aisha Buhari that gives off confidence, she says what she wants and damns all the consequences and has, arguably, some substance. So, maybe in all of this you might find… she understands the workings of Nigerian politics.”

“In this period where everybody is happy with women in politics, women presidents – by next year we’ll have a female president in America so this kind of things… maybe soon enough [you know Nigerians, we like following the trend, however ridiculous it might be] Aisha Buhari might be somebody that can carry our ideals and all that… so, this could work!” Chuks says.

We put the argument to vote – since we are in a democracy – and the results are out. Whatever happens, don’t ever forget that the First Lady’s presidential bid started right here on The Slab… or not.

Listen below – so much energy on this one!

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