6 Subtle Signs He’s Cheating And You are Unaware Of It


Not every woman notices these unexpected signs that her husband or boyfriend is cheating on her. Watch out for these seven signs in your relationship:

1. He never leaves his phone
He is spending a lot of time on his phone and takes it everywhere he goes (even the washroom). Not only that, he refuses to share his phone password with you.

2. He avoids being alone with you
If he avoids being in the same room alone with you, it may be a sign that he’s having an affair. If he knows that he’s done something wrong, being alone with you can make him uncomfortable.

3. He gives too many explanations
If he’s hiding something, he has already thought all the details to cover it up. So when you ask what’s up, every detail probably pours right out. His response may even sound rehearsed, because it has been.

4. You have a gut feeling about it
If you feel that he’s cheating, chances are, he is. A university study discovered that people could guess if their partners were cheaters just by observing them. You may want to listen to your gut, even if you can’t pinpoint any exact evidence.

5. He deletes text messages
People don’t delete their text messages these days. If he is doing that, he definitely is hiding something from you.

6. He is complimenting you more (or even less)
Is he telling you that you look absolutely stunning in that dress you’ve had for years, the same dress he hated before.


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