Money Monday: 3 Brilliant Ways to Make More Money


So, its our money monday today! Lets show you how to increase your income…..

1. Look to your current job.
Are there new skills you can learn that will lead to a raise or promotion? Some companies will even pay you to obtain additional skills, certificates or education, so why not go for it?

2. Take advantage of the skills you use every day and turn them into money making opportunities.
This is truly where we sell ourselves short. You may think you have nothing to offer, but truth be told, each one of us possesses skills and talents others would pay handsomely to acquire. Are you a social media maven, Facebook fanactic or WordPress wonder? Could you leverage those skills to show local businesses how to use the Internet and social media to attract more customers?

Are you great at English? There are millions of blogs that need proofreading and editing.

Perhaps you’re proficient in photoshop. People would love to throw away their confusing manuals and have you tutor them instead.

You have the skills people would be more than eager to pay for. Just be willing to acknowledge and share them.

3. Turn your hobbies or passions into profits.

Do you have a passion you can turn into profit? For instance in you’re a serious sport fan, you could leverage your love of the sport by officiating at local league sports events.

The possibilies for increasing your income are endless. It just takes a little bit of ingenuity and confidence in yourself and your abilites.


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