Four Policeman On Illegal Duty Arrested In Lagos


The Lagos State police Command have arrested four operatives of the Special Anti-Robbery Squad (SARS) Ikeja for allegedly taking part in illegal duty.

The officials which comprises of three sergeants and one inspector were said to have participated in the unlawful demolition of a building at Alade, Ikeja.

The policemen were reportedly paid N500, 000 by one Alhaji to abandon their post in Badagry and take part in the demolition exercise.

The owner of the building who was in a tussle with the Alhaji alerted the police at Ikeja Division of the situation, the scene was raided–and the four officials alongside 3 civilians were arrested and taken into custody.

According to a police source; “The policemen carried out the illegal demolition without court permit or Commissioner of Police permission. One Alhaji paid them N500, 000 to carry out the demolition. Their boss, the Officer in Charge of SARS (OC), was not aware of the demolition.

“They left their duty post and moved to Ikeja. Aside from that, it’s not SARS job to carry out demolition. It’s the job of police task force. That was why they were arrested and are being tried”



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