Drama in Church as Pastor’s Wife Fights Dirty with Husband’s Alleged Mistress


A mild drama has played out at the Angels of God Apostolic Church as the bishop’s wife exchanged blows with another congregant in a fight over the founder.

B-metro reports that the incident occurred during a church conference in Esigodini, Zimbabwe. It is reported that Bishop Mkhwananzi’s wife, Ntombikayise Dube, attacked Bonakele Ncube accusing her of having an affair with her husband. Ncube retaliated and the two women forgot that they were at a holy place as they exchanged blows in front of other congregants.

Bishop Mkhwananzi was left totally embarrassed as he watched helplessly the two women exchanging blows before the whole congregation.

Eyewitnesses revealed that when Ncube realised that she was being overpowered, she bit Dube’s finger in a bid to put the fight to an end.

“We were at a church conference in Esigodini when the Bishop’s wife attacked me saying I was having a relationship with her husband.”

“She really hurt me and these scratches I have on the face it’s her who injured me and to save myself I had to bite her finger.

”Dube is a crazy woman and a number of women have stopped coming to church because of her behaviour. She has been accusing numerous women of having relationships with her husband,” said Ncube.

Bishop Mkhwananzi refused to comment further after the incident. “I am the founder of the church and we resolved the issue you are talking about. Therefore, there is nothing I can share with you. Anyway, the case is now history, “ he said.


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