Billionaire offers $180m to Anyone Who Can Make His Lesbian daughter straight

Cecil Chao and Gigi Chao

Cecil Chao, the controversial Hong Kong billionaire who once claimed to have slept with over 10,000 women is back in the news.

The billionaire who made his money through real estate in 2012 offered a sum of $60,000,000 in form of dowry to whichever man could turn Gigi straight. In 2014, he multiplied the huge sum by 2 and offered $120,000,000 and now he has again increased the sum to a $180,000,000 for the task.

She has since responded to his offer with a letter that was published by two Hong Kong newspapers where she said that it might be difficult for her father to understand and accept that she could be romantically attracted to a woman and that she’ll marry a man only if her father marries one too,to prove that it is not easy to switch from gay to straight.



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