Broadcaster Jude Ikegwuonu who is paralysed on all 4 limbs shares inspiration

Jude writes below…
“I was involved in a car accident on the 4th of July, 2013, which affected my spinal cord (C5/C6) and have been paralysed on all four limbs (Quadriplegia) till date.
I am not deterred by the limitations of my present predicament,  as I am poised to touching more lifes now THAN EVER!
It’s been about three years, two months and five days since the tragic accident and I apologise to all my friends who are just getting this unfortunate news for the first time, while I appreciate those who have kept in touch one way or another. Let’s just say ‘the road has been rough and the challenges tough, but God has been with me every step of the way’.

My message to you today is to be strong in life. Brace up and be positive minded, NO MATTER WHAT YOU ARE GOING THROUGH. Whatever you are facing today is part of LIFE’S CHALLENGING QUESTIONS posed at you.  All you have to do is GIVE THE RIGHT ANSWERS. Positive Answers!


Watch video below.

Source: NN24


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