70 Migrants Returned To Turkey By Greece

70 Migrants woman holds a child at a migrant center near the village of Adasevci

70 migrants have been sent from the island of Lesbos to Turkey by Greek authorities under an agreement between Turkey and the European Union.

The Greek Ministry of Public Security said: “51 Pakistanis, 9 Sri Lankans, 7 Algerians, a Turk, a Moroccan and an Afghan have been returned to Turkey.”

Three of those sent back to Turkey had withdrawn their asylum applications while another three did not appeal against the rejection of their claim. A further 63 were returned because they did not apply for asylum in the country under the terms of the Turkish-European agreement.

The Turkish citizen was sent back to Turkey after he renounced his intention to apply for asylum.

Greece returned 7 Syrians last Friday to Adana in southern Turkey. A total of 578 immigrants and refugees have been sent back to Turkey under the terms of the agreement which came into force on 4 April.

Turkey and the European Union reached the agreement in March in an effort to combat smuggling and human trafficking and reduce the number of migrants and refugees making the perilous journey across the Aegean Sea to reach Europe.

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