6 Things You Should Know About Alfred Olango, Unarmed Black Man Shot In El Cajon

Barely two weeks after an unarmed black man was shot and killed by Police in Tulsa, Oklahoma, the Police in the US are in the news again.

Terrence Crutcher was shot and killed despite a video showing him putting his arms up. The officer who shot and killed him, Betty Shelby has now been charged with Manslaughter.

On Wednesday morning, a man who has now been identified as Mr. Alfred Olango was killed at the Broadway Shopping Center in El Cajon, a town 15 miles of San Diego. Several witnesses at the scene said Mr. Alfred Olango had a history of mental illness but was clearly unarmed.

He was killed by the police and here are 6 things you should know about the incident;

  • He is the 217th black person to be killed by the police this year
  • The victim was shot twice at the same time with a taser and a gun
  • He was mentally challenged and the police were actually called by his sister to help him
  • The only video recorded of the shooting which was captured on a cellphone will not be released as part of an ongoing investigation
  • It is unclear how many times the victim was shot or what part of his body was struck
  • The incident is going to be investigated by the District Attorney’s office alongside the Homicide division of the El Cajon police department



  1. The first segment of this article that read Terrence Crutcher was killed in Charlotte is incorrect. He was shot and killed by Tulsa, Oklahoma police despite raising his hands up as shown in video.


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