10 Things Your Man Needs But Would Never Ask of You

Men are not very good at communicating what they need. His pride and lack of awareness of his own emotions make it difficult to tell you how he is feeling. Even though you are the woman he loves, he can’t seem to say exactly what he needs.
But if you overlook (or don’t realize) those needs, sooner or later, you’re going to run into problems.

1. Respect

Your man may frequently say, “Do not undermine me in front of our children”, or “Don’t contradict me in front of my friends”, but he might not ask you for respect directly. If you give him the respect he deserves, he will never leave your side.

2. Admiration

Men do things to achieve respect and admiration. This is one of the greatest motivators in his life. Show your man you admire his achievements and hard work and you’ll be surprised how deeply he loves you.

3. Companionship

Your man needs to know you’re a team and that whatever happens, good or bad, you’ll be there.

4. You are a trophy

No matter how many years you have been together, take the time to look like the girl he fell in love with. He’ll never tell you, but secretly he loves showing off how beautiful his wife is.

5. A gentle tone of voice

Unsurprisingly, men don’t like being yelled at. Using a friendly tone with your man will get you much further.

6. Support

Show him that you believe in him, advise him when appropriate and don’t let him give up. Your man needs your unconditional support.

7. Appraisal

As the years pass, you forget the little things that once made you grateful for your sweetheart. You usually treat his efforts as something he’s required to do, and fail to thank him.

Don’t fall into this trap. Nobody has to do anything. Be grateful for everything he does for you and your family – even when you think it’s his responsibility.

8. Recognition

Most of us get bogged down in the everyday problems and stress of life. We fail to recognize what others do for us. Take a few minutes each day to recognize the positive things your man does.

9. Independence

Men love their independence. This doesn’t mean you should leave him alone, but give him the space he needs when he needs it.

10. Desire

Yes, your man needs to feel and know that despite the problems you’ve faced and the years you’ve spent together, you still want him.



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