10 Qualities of a Beautiful Woman

What is truly beautiful is what each person holds inside their heart. These 10 inner qualities are more important than whatever you might see on the outside; work on who you are to truly show people how beautiful you can be.

1. Humility
There is something about showing a person that you can put others before yourself that just makes you so attractive. Humility defines a beautiful heart.

2. Confidence
Confidence is sexy. That’s been a constant throughout time, and I don’t think that will ever change. Remember though, there is a fine line between confidence and arrogance. Don’t confuse the two. Confidence shines good qualities, while arrogance shouts insecurities.

3. Intelligence

I can’t think of anything more unattractive than a person who acts ignorant on purpose. Knowledge is invaluable and beautiful. When a man sees that you are smart, you become so much more attractive. And quite frankly, I think most men like a little intellectual competition! Why pretend to hide your intelligence when it is such a beautiful quality?

4. Honesty

What person would sincerely say that lying is an attractive quality? Especially in a relationship, being honest is one of the most cherished qualities a person can have.

5. Love

If you are not a loving woman, change that. A woman who is loving is more than just beautiful.

6. Playfulness

If you can joke around with your man, he might as well ask you to marry him right then and there. Being able to have a good time with others and not take life so seriously is extremely attractive.

7. Ambition

When a woman is driven, it shows that there is more to her then just a pretty face. An ambitious woman is someone who has a purpose in their life, but still wants to share her adventures with someone. That quality is attractive.

8. Selflessness

Showing that you care for others helps you build and develop as a person. Service shows that you are willing to put yourself aside to help someone else. What man would not find that captivating?

9. Patience

All great things take time. Patience is an attractive life quality, but is even more beautiful when it comes to relationships. A patient woman is someone who is willing to trust that good things come to those who wait.

10. Loyalty

Being true to yourself is important. You can’t be honest or confident if you double cross yourself or those around you. Being loyal is a quality anyone is looking for in a partner.


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