Woman Steals Ambulance After Release From Hospital

In the US a woman reportedly stole an ambulance early Friday morning and drove herself back to her home after being released from the Hospital.

While a paramedic was inside dropping off another patient, police say 43-year-old Lisa Carr walked outside, got into that ambulance and took off.

Carr then drove about 15 kilometres home, where she was taken into custody after police used GPS to track her down.

She was charged with auto theft and driving with a suspended license.

Police are said to be trying to determine her mental health condition.

Carr’s attorney raised concerns about her mental competence Friday morning, which led to an exchange between the prosecutor and the judge, who reminded the court several times that Carr is innocent until proven guilty.

Carr has no prior convictions other than a few traffic violations, according to her attorney.

Carr waived her appearance in court Friday. Her next court appearance is set for Aug. 29.


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