PDP Chieftain Defects To APC In Edo


The Peoples Democratic Party (PDP) Chairman in ward 11, Etsako West Local Government Area of Edo state, Chief Sunday Edehor, has swapped parties by defecting to the ruling All Progressives Congress (APC).

Speaking on why he had to change guards, Chief Edehor stated that his decision was based on the fact that his people has benefited immensely from the APC led government of Gov Oshiomole and he wouldn’t want his people to stone him for being ungrateful.

Edehor added that he’s been a card-carrying member of the PDP since 1998 but recently observed he and his supporters have been deceiving themselves by remaining in the party.

“The truth is that I found out that some of us have been deceiving ourselves in PDP for a long time. This is the first time Etsako man will be governor in the person of Adams Oshiomhole and now the same APC is giving us Deputy governor so how do you expect us to remain in PDP.

“We have been managing over the years abusing Oshiomhole despite the fact that he is our son but we are in PDP, but it has come to a stage when we decided to think about what is good for our people.

PDP since 1999 never gave Edo North governorship not to think of giving it to Etsako. One leader is always moving it to wherever he feels while our people suffer here.

“Just take a drive around Etsako area you, you will see the roads, schools Oshiomhole has built for us, so don’t you think our people will stone some of us if we continue to remain in PDP? I don’t want to risk my life because they will say I am an enemy of progress.

“So I will be a mad man to remain in PDP. And let me tell you, there is no more PDP in the entire three Local Governments in Etsako. It will not make sense to remain at all, because both the people and God will even punish us so that is why we decided to leave for APC. It makes more sense for us to join APC so that the developmental projects Oshiomhole that has started in Etsako land will continue.

“People are supposed to play politics for good life, development and not selfish interest. I will be considered a selfish man if I remain in PDP. Today in Etsako, I am proud that we have seen development and I want that development to continue when Shuaibu becomes Deputy Governor” he stated


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