Man shot by a policeman after reporting robbery at his home

A black American woman in Indianapolis in a working class neighborhood was on her way out on a Tuesday morning when her car was stolen right in front of her house.  She ran back to her house to tell her husband who immediately put a call through the police to inform them of the incidence.

After the call,48 year old- Mr Carl Williams went ahead to the garage of their house,and surprisingly he was shot by a police man.

Obviously,everything contradicts cases such as police brutality,gun rights and racial profiling like this story. The officer in question, Christopher Mills says the shot was a mistake. He said he shot in self defense because the man was assumed to be the robber that was reported, because he was with a gun and looked suspicious at the garage.

Angela Parrot who also lives in the same neighborhood said it was crazy for the officer to have assumed the man( as the thief) who wanted to protect his wife and family,of which he’s currently on the hospital bed while the culprit is out there as a free man.



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