Kiss Dark Underarms Goodbye With These 5 Home Made Remedies


If you have already given away all your armless and tank tops well get ready to stop because these are home-made remedies that are effective and very affordable for you to get rid of armpits.

1. Potatoes

– All you have to do is get a potato
– Slice it thinly
– Rub it on your under arms
– Or you can also grate the potato and apply it to the affected area
– Let it dry for 15 or 20 minutes
– Rinse it off.

2. Lemon

– Cut the lemon
– Rub it on your under arm
– Leave the juice in your skin for 10-15 minutes  before washing it off [not more than, or your  skin might get burnt.]

3. Baking soda

– Mix the baking soda with water in bowl to make a thick paste
– Scrub  your under arm with the paste
– Wash It off with warm water.

4. Cucumber

– Cut the cucumber in thin slices
– Rub it on your under arms
– Leave the juice on your body to 10- 15 minutes.

5. Orange peel

– Peel an orange
– Grind the dried peels till it’s in a powdered form
– Mix it with water and milk
– Scrub your armpits for 10 minutes
– Wash the paste off with cold water.


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