#Eko: 5 Most Popular Bus Stops In Lagos

One important thing about Lagos is that if you are ever lost in the city, you just need to find your way to one of these bus stops and you’ll be home in no time. We made a list of the most popular bus-stops in the city.

1. Oshodi

Oshodi is undoubtedly the most popular bus-stop in Lagos. It is on the mainland and is divided into Oshodi Oke (Upper Oshodi) and Oshodi Isale (Lower Oshodi). It houses a lot of shops and market space, as well as buses for people who need to travel to other neighboring states.

2. Ojota

For first-timers to the city particularly our brothers from the East, Ojota is your first point of action. A lot of buses from other states have Ojota as their final bus-stops too. Ojota has a market space and also a bus terminus.

3. Ojuelegba

Ojuelegba may just be the only bus-stop a Non-Nigerian knows because of Wizkid’s hit song. On one side of Ojuelegba, there is Yaba and there’s Surulere on the other side.

4. Obalende

If you live/work on the island, then Obalende is that place for you. There are buses going to Lekki, Ajah, Victoria Island and places on the mainland too. The name Obalende when literally translated to English from Yoruba means ‘The king chased me to this point.”

5. Mile 2

Mile 2 serves as the intersection of Lagos-Badagry and Apapa Oshodi Express way which are 2 major roads in Lagos. It connects vehicles coming from or heading to Apapa take to by-pass Lagos-Badagry Expressway.

Which other bus-stops do you know? Tell us in the comment box



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