6 Signs The Lady You Are Dating Is Your Future Wife


Marriages go wrong when you marry the wrong person for the wrong reason. INFORMATION NIGERIA hereby bring you the signs you should look out for before you wife her.

1. She is proud of you
if she brags about you to her friends, co-workers and families, then there is a high chance she is meant to be your wife.

2. She is cool with your friends
Men take their friendship important. If she is genuinely interested in knowing about the welfare of your friends and hanging out with them, you are with the girl you should marry.

3. She has her own life
if she understands that she has her own dreams to pursue and also understands that for you, that should help you make your decision

4. You miss her when you are not together
if you cant help thinkjng about her and you miss her at every point in time, wife her please

5. You make sacrifices for each other
Sacrifices are a big deal for marriage. If you both make sacrifices for each other, you both should walk the aisle

6. She is your number one fan
If she encourages you in difficult times and believes you can make it even when others are not supporting you, we believe she is the one for you.



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