This Maths Puzzle Has Got Nigerians Talking About BODMAS

It’s been going down on Twitter and everything you knew about primary school mathematics is about to change. Most people, who went to primary school in Nigeria were probably told that the ‘O’ in BODMAS stands for ORDERS not ‘OF’.

It all started innocuously with the 6÷2(1+2) and opinions were divided as to whether the answer is 1 or 9. Take a crack at it and let us know what the correct answer is in the comment section!

This angry twitter user says whether right or wrong, who has BODMAS helped

And the one that wants a refund of all her school fees

This photo that actually brings back our primary school memory esp if you were a ‘kpako’

This one thinks the correction came too late

And this one says his maths teacher would have had a better answer

And someone is still in denial of the true state of our dear naira

But someone says our teachers were right

Seriously, did you know the ‘O’ meant Orders ? ?


  1. I ve never been using O to be off and never be order but it means my teachers even to the university level are olodo( don’t kno what dey were saying) abi?

    There is God oooo


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