This 21 Year-Old Has Dedicated her Life To Being A Baby


Jess, a 21-year-old nanny from Florida, USA, loves to pretend she’s a baby and she has dedicated her life to the act.

She does so under the watchful eye of her 24-year-old boyfriend David.

David acts as her ‘daddy’.


She dresses like a baby, has a collection of toys, wears nappies she even urinates in, and sleeps in a baby court.


Age play is really my best escape and it allows me to reclaim the innocence of my childhood and have it play out the way I always wanted.” She said.

Jess was sexually abused when she was 2 years old and the trauma of her early years lead to depression and anxiety.



Jess’ has a YouTube account in which she shares her videos. She even has a dedicated audience of about 25,000 users subscribing to her Binkie Princess account.

Jess even says she is looking to step up the role-play by hiring a babysitter to look after her while David is at work.



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