See How A Runaway Chimpanzee Was Lured Back


The escaped Chimpanzee at the Jos National Museum has been lured back to its cage safe and sound.

Early hours of Tuesday 12th of July, 2016 two Chimpanzees from the Jos Zoo situated at the National Museum and Monument escaped their cage harassing passersby at the Museum premises.

One of the Chimps returned to its cage leaving ‘Jack’ as the Chimpanzee is called running around before leaving the zoo premises to West of Mines neighborhood close to the zoo.

The frightening animal finds refuge on a tree in a residential compound after injuring a zoo worker who tried to capture it. The worker was treated for minor injuries at a nearby hospital.

Men of the Plateau State Fire Service were called to capture it using water canon which failed. The three branch he was perched on was cut down and it fell then disappeared into the thick bushes close to the zoo.

Jack however returned to its cage this morning tired and hungry with bruises all over its body including a missing finger nail.

PNO gathered that the two Chimpanzees were able to escape by repeatedly hitting their cage which was weak as a result of rust. A welder was seen at this afternoon welding the weak parts of the cage.

A source disclosed to us that this is not the first time they were able to escape however it was the first time it attracted attention from the general public.

The visibly exhausted animal can be seen relaxing and eating its favorite meal of Bananas, Sweet Potatoes, Cucumber and Garden Eggs.

All efforts to get the officials of the Museum to comment proof abortive and the authority of the National establishment is yet to issue any formal statement on the incident.

See photos below.

Source: Plateau News


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